Our Privacy Policy

Developers and players can rest assured that any information collected by Tisby is safe and secure; we go the extra mile to protect your personal information.

When you choose to play or submit a game or use any of the community features at Tisby, you will be prompted to divulge personal information such as name, email address, and so on. If we sponsor you, we might require some more personal information about you. You might also reveal personal information while using community features such as feedback forms, forums, chat rooms, and so on and anybody using Tisby will have access to this information. If you do not want anybody to view your profile, you can alter the settings to make it private or make it available only to those in your friends list.

Tisby also uses tracker technology to record users� IP address, type of browser used, pages accessed, and so on, along with cookies that will help players use the site features better.
We assure players that all this information is used only provide the best gaming service, to share advertisement revenue with developers, to send players information regarding new games and features, and so on. The information is also used to provide better services, create new features, and introduce new games.

We might disclose this information only to third parties that provide technology and services to us; and in case of change of ownership, your information will be transferred to the new owner of the site. Customer information also has to be shared with government officials, court authorities, law enforcement officials, and others in case any investigation is required. But your personal details will never be shared or transferred to third parties that intend to use them for marketing or commercial purposes.

We might also advertise third party websites that are owned by different companies. If you choose to sign up at any of those sites, you need to check out the privacy policies and practices of these websites before divulging any personal information because Tisby has nothing to do with them and is not responsible for any of their private policies or practices.

Tisby sometimes collaborates with third parties to introduce new features and advertisements. Your browser might collect cookies belonging to these third parties. Tisby has nothing to do with how these third parties use data, but might assist users in controlling transfer of data to these third parties.

You may link your Tisby user account with your Facebook account. In this case, Facebook and Tisby will exchange your personal information, which means that your Facebook friends will come to know about your Tisby information, such as your username.

You can also choose not to share your private information with us, in which case you won�t be able to use any community feature. You can rest assured that we use the best technology to protect your private details.